Advertise your products and services effectively to your target customer!

"Keyword Ad " is a targeted advertising service for all corporations. Your ad will display on the bottom bar of the search result of a specified keyword you purchased (including search for Products, Buy Leads and Companies) from the first page till the end.

Way to display

It is an animated ad in 150 x 90 pixels with one or 2 images. It will maintain after refresh and refine search.

Animated ad: 150 x 90 pixel

Regulation for Ad Image

  1. Image must be in GIF format, pixel size is 150 x 90 pixel.
  2. Your ad shall not include any misleading content or affect the feeling of BIZZLOOKUP visitors.
  3. We reserve the right to refuse the publication of any ad which is illegal or violate the regulation of BIZZLOOKUP.

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