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flame retardant cp
flame retardant cp
flame retardant cp
Keyword:cotton,pyrovatex cp new,20120-33-6
Category:Chemical Auxiliary & Catalyst
Min. Order:1
Supplier:Jiangsu Randeon Chemical Co.,Ltd ;China
Post On:July 18, 2013
Modified On:November 30, -0001
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Product Descriptions & Specifications

The same product as Pyrovatex-CP; colorless or light yellow thick liquid with a slight taste of hot pepper; an organic phosphate fire-retardant containing dual fire-retardant elements of P and N.

80% water solution; convenient for use; excellent fire retardant effect on textiles; durable in water; provides a smooth hand feel to the textile. 

Product Image

flame retardant cp

Supplier's Details:

Jiangsu Randeon Chemical Co.,Ltd
No 148-149 Chenzhuang Rd Taizhou 225500 Taizhou China China

Contact person: Stone Cui

Designation: sale

Phone: 8652388585288 ; 8652388585288

Fax: 8652388585288

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