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Waterproof mini speakers
Waterproof mini speakers
Waterproof mini speakers
Keyword:Computers & AV Digital, Computer Accessories, Speaker & Sound Box
Category:Speaker & Sound Box
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Supplier: Shenzhen Karuite Electronics Co., Ltd. ;China
Post On:March 15, 2013
Modified On:November 30, -0001
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Product Descriptions & Specifications

* output power: 3 w
* frequency range: 150 - KHZ (plus or minus 3 db)
* signal-to-noise ratio, or 80 db
* horn specification: 1.77 inches (outside diameter 45 mm)
* impedance: 4 European
* is made of high quality aluminum ndfeb shock film loudspeaker, with good quality;
* multifunctional audio, MP3 / reader/radio, built-in lithium battery;
* support TF card and USB to MP3,
* can through the USB interface to connect the computer, to realize data exchange;
* own audio line can be connected directly mobile phones, MP3, notebook computers, DVD and other source;               

Product Image

Waterproof mini speakers

Supplier's Details:

Shenzhen Karuite Electronics Co., Ltd.
Company Address:Room 419,Yejin Building,Shennan East Rosd,Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province, China Factory address:pingxi industrial district,Pingdi Town Shenzhen City 518000 Longgang District China China

Contact person: Jason

Designation: MRG

Phone: 86-755-25482155 ; 13603076693

Fax: 86-755-25408952

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